If you’re a Pittsburgh Wrimo who’d like to volunteer, thank you!  For your trouble, you’ll get a custom Pittsburgh Region Book Driver web badge and a chance to riffle through any books we’re unable to send out to Better World Books.  If you see a “job” you’re interested in, leave a comment on this page or send an email to narrativeintheblog@gmail.com. (The Nano folks have also promised free stickers for each person who donates a book!)

  1. Flier Hangers: We need people to spread the word about the Great Pittsburgh NaNoWriMo Book Drive!  Your job as flier hanger is to print out a slew of fliers and hang them up in every coffee shop, library, business, church, school and office you go to, and some you don’t. Everyone can be a flier hanger! You can download Pittsburgh region book drive fliers at our Fliers page.
  2. Donation Drivers: We need people to email every single person they know and ask them to donate their books to help out writers like us.  Your job as donation driver is to ask your family, your friends and your coworkers to donate books.  Then, you have to collect those books and bring them to a write in or leave them in a drop off box.  Offer to give the person who donates the highest number of books a role in your novel! Everyone can be a Donation driver, and you can find a template email at our Fliers page.
  3. Write in book collector: We need people to collect book donations from Pittsburgh Wrimos at each and every write in, since our ML Fox and I cannot be at every one.  The write in schedule has not been released yet, but you can still let me know which area you’ll be attending write ins for (North, City, etc.).  Once the write in schedule comes out, I’ll work with you to figure out what we need.  The Write in book collector is an important position–you have to be able to carry a box of books, store it in your house and resist the temptation to read the books contained therein (which will distract you from your noveling!) until I can come pick it up.
  4. Drop off box manager: This is not a job for the faint of heart.  Our drop off box managers have to keep tabs on their drop off boxes, clean them out when they get full, and keep track of the number of books their location has collected.  As a drop off box manager, you will have to store boxes of books for short periods of time until you can bring them to our storage facility (a.k.a. my house) or I can come pick them up.  You will need an ironclad will to not read these books or let them distract you from your noveling.  If you think you have what it takes, email Kelly at narrativeintheblog@gmail.com with a list of your preferred drop off box locations.  If you’d like to start a new location, that’s even better.

1 Comment

  1. Waria1717 said,

    Man I’d like to be a Donation Driver! Heck, I have free time, I can persuade, and I can chat up a storm! You can count on me! I can get nearby one of those drop off locations, plus, I know a lot of people that know a lot of people that, well, SOME of these people know a lot of people.

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