A tour of book driving central

December 1, 2010 at 5:13 pm (Book Collection) (, , , )

Well, Pittsburgh, Wrimos, we’ve got 2 weeks left in our book driving adventure!  As you can with the count above, we’ve got more than 1,000 books so far!  Now that we don’t have our silly novels to hold us back, we can do even more book driving!!!!

We didn’t quite make our 2,500 for 25,000 goal, but I am STILL working through all the boxes, so I bet we have about 1,500 books total!

You can see that even my dogs are helping me out:

And here are all the boxes and boxes of books that piled up in my living room (my piano was actually buried at one point):

My basement is now quite full of books, but it’s hungry for MAOR!!  So please go to the Template page and use that template email to email all your friends and ask them to clean out their book shelves!  Post on Facebook, Twitter (you can find me @kellylynnthomas), MySpace, whatever you crazy kids are using these days.

If you’ve got quite a few books, send me a tweet or email at narrativeintheblog@gmail.com to arrange a pick up!

P.S. I totally failed Nanowrimo.  Oh well!


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